How humanity births itself is living testament to how we live on earth.  The first primal imprint a human receives is their birth experience, which instantly programs how they experience and live life.

Every human, regardless of gender, race, colour, sexuality, beliefs or personal history – share one thing in common:

We have each had the experience of being born on earth.

Almost everyone shares another commonality: We have each experienced some trauma being born.  Furthermore, Mothers giving birth often (way too often) experience trauma to themselves.  This additional trauma also ripples out to the baby, father, family and communities.


Returning to the beginning of our life on earth, healing and reprogramming our birth imprint, or those of our children, effects one of the most fundamental changes to our being.

Simone instinctively always understood the power of birth and, with each of her four children’s births,  exercised her power increasingly – climaxing with the well-known birth of her fourth daughter on the banks of a creek in a rainforest.

The Birth in Nature video on YouTube is considered a “text-book birth” and often used as educational material in obstetric training.  Whilst not necessarily advocating for women to copy her birth in nature directly, Simone is thrilled the fearless footage has given courage and inspiration for millions of parents-to-be.


Listen to Simone discuss birth on Alexia Leachman’s Fear Free Childbirth Podcast:

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Master Program

I really appreciated reading your story and was fully engrossed the way through. It was touching to read some of your experiences and I can relate. I felt the compassion and understanding of someone who has been there. It seemed to cover all the important points to me.

I was inspired at the end with a spontaneous revelation of a new birth, independent of the mum and dad I know now, and the story of our family. A new birth with a new story, supporting who I really am and the gifts I bring to the world. I know that was the whole point of the program, but I was surprised by the spontaneous revelation! It worked!

I shed some tears visualising again this morning. From my baby’s perspective, the sounds of the room and people in it were ideal to come into the world to. It was great to experience mum and dad in a new light. I could feel they were aspects of me – healthy and empowered. My father figure was very warm, holding and full of love.

Freeing and beautiful to experience. It feels like a total track change, a journey that runs parallel to the old one, rather than an offshoot or continuation of the old one. I’m inspired to keep bringing attention to my new birth – my true birth!’ – Lucy Hardie.  Melbourne, Australia